Lust Vintage Nagajuban

Lust Vintage Nagajuban

Authentic, pre-loved, vintage, Japanese nagajuban.


A simple, lightweight, shorter garment made from a synthetic fabric. This style is know as nagajuban. Traditionally nagajuban are worn underneath silk kimonos to help keep them clean although they can be worn on their own. This nagajuban is a very bold red printed with a white evocative pattern.

  • Product Information:

    Condition: Excellent

    Size: one size only.

    Body Length: 109 cm approximately

    Sleeve to sleeve: 115 cm approximately

    Back width: 56 cm approximately

  • Additional Information:

    Please be aware that these are real, old, second hand kimono and haori. Some may have small signs of wear such as holes and/or markings/stains. I have documented these to the best of my ability in the images and descriptions but on occasion some may be missed.