Cerise Vintage Haori

Cerise Vintage Haori

Authentic, pre-loved, vintage, haori jacket/short Japanese kimono.


A beautiful bold pink haori (short kimono) with longer sleeves and a subtle geometric floral pattern woven into the fabric. The haori is lined and comes with himo (ties).

  • Product Information:

    Condition: Fair – there are several markings and small holes in the haori which have been documented in the images and reflected in the price.

    Size: one size only.

    Body Length: 90 cm approximately

    Sleeve to sleeve: 125 cm approximately

    Back width: 57 cm approximately

  • Additional Information:

    Please be aware that these are real, old, second hand kimono and haori. Some may have small signs of wear such as holes and/or markings/stains. I have documented these to the best of my ability in the images and descriptions but on occasion some may be missed.