Ace of Spades Vintage Kimono

Ace of Spades Vintage Kimono

Authentic, pre-loved, vintage, Japanese kimono.


A brilliant, grey kimono woven with a red and blue repeating pattern and shorter sleeves. This kimono isn’t lined and is therefore classed as a summer kimono. This type of kimono is typically worn between June and September in Japan due to being made from one layer of fabric, it is therefore slightly thinner and lighter in weight.

  • Product Information:

    Condition: Good – there is a stain and some fraying around the collar, both of which have been documented in the images.

    Size: one size only.

    Body Length: 151 cm approximately

    Sleeve to sleeve: 127 cm approximately

    Back width: 61 cm approximately

  • Additional Information:

    Please be aware that these are real, old, second hand kimono and haori. Some may have small signs of wear such as holes and/or markings/stains. I have documented these to the best of my ability in the images and descriptions but on occasion some may be missed.